+ 【Amour】港区・田町・三田のネイルサロンアムール

Hand Cuticle Care -30min

(cut,file,cuticle cut)


Hand Manicure By Polish -50min

(cut,file,cuticle cut,full coloring)


File -10min


Shine/Buff -10min


Polish Off -5min


※tax included

Gel Nail System won't lift, crack, chip, peel and damage your own nails.
It lasts for roughly 3 to 4 weeks.
You don't need to wait for the drying time.
As soon as it's completed, you can freely use your hands!

※Hand Gel Menu includes cut, file, cuticle push and gel.

Hand Gel Full Coloring -60min

Hand Gel French -70min

Hand Gel Glitter Gradation -60min

Hand Gel Color Gradation -70min


※Foot Gel Menu includes foot bath, cut, file, cuticle cut and gel.

Foot Gel Full Coloring -80min


Foot Gel Full Coloring , HardskinCare -90min


Hand Soak-Off Gel Removal

1nail ¥330

Foot Soak-Off Gel Removal

1nail ¥330

Hard Gel Removal

1nail ¥440

Acrylic Nail Removal

1nail ¥440

※tax included

Men's Nail Care

(cut, file, shine/buff, cuticle cut)


Kids Nail

(Hand Manicure By Polish + 1nail Art)

¥1,100 ※Under 10 years old

※tax included



【Adress】 3-43-11 Miwa Bld.1st -floor, Shiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 105-0014
【Open】 9:30 am. to 8:00 pm.
※9:30~11:00(Appintment is required by the previous day)
【Close】 Sun.
【TEL】 03-6303-1377